Semantic Explore

What is semantic exploration?

Did a new team member just join? Do you have a lot of project and team wikis for them to go through? Let Semafind do the heavy lifting.

By forming semantic links, Semafind visualises related pieces of information without having the user enter labels or organise them into folders. This process streamlines information discovery for teams and businesses that require a dynamic knowlege platform.

Collaborate with ease

The exploration tool shines when you are looking for information but are not sure whether your colleagues have entered it. Dive into the unknown unknowns of your company's knowledge base to find links between different pieces of information written by different people.

Semafind's unique easy-to-use interface brings the power of state-of-the-art natural language processing to your browser. With a few clicks, boost the productivity of your team by unlocking efficient and smart knowledge sharing. The exploration tool can be tuned by the user to narrow down more relevant results or obtain a wider context.

The example use case demonstrates a residential legal team sharing information about a case they are working on. A new external consultant for the case starts exploring from the sentence containing the property address and discovers that the air rights for it are being checked as well. This feature allows the consultant to discover further relevant information about the case and get up to speed with the rest of the team with ease.