We believe storing, accessing and sharing our knowledge with the people we care are the pillars of success.

We are a small independent company based in Edinburgh, Scotland and aim to provide fully functioning tools to directly help you and your team. Although we utilise recent advances in AI, for example to deliver features like semantic search, our core mission is centered around helping everyone and we still make the most of traditional non-AI based approaches that have been tested and tried for years.


We are passionate about what we do.

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Meet the team

Meet the people behind Semafind.

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Our values


We are here for everyone and ensure every voice is heard. We deeply care about our customers and their ideas.


We want to achieve the best not only for our customers but also for our people ensuring they grow as we do.


We believe a knowledge platform must be honest and have strong moral principles to grow and help people.


We want to make sure our customers can easily reach us through our platform and get the help they need.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

We are dedicated to growing our community in the most diverse and inclusive way possible. This core value is reflected not only in our approach to our platform and in our handling of AI based methods but also in our promise to our customers.