Find solutions

To difficult business problems

Modern, research-driven, independent tech consulting focusing on Data, AI and ML.

We help businesses

Review Data, AI/ML projects

We provide an objective lens to determine if new technologies align with your strategic objectives.

Build bespoke advanced solutions

We go beyond off-the-shelf solutions to deliver algorithms that drive your competitive advantage.

Make knowledge-driven decisions

Gain deeper insights from your knowledge before making any business critical decisions.

Optimise the value of their data

From data science to business decisions, we work with you to gain value from your data.

Why work with us?

Academic Rigour

Almost all our consultants have PhDs in their respective fields from top level universities.

100% UK based

We don't outsource or subcontract to ensure transparency, quality control and excellence.

Research Focused

We aim to deliver novel solutions following latest advancements to give you and your business an edge.


Our consultants hold various affiliations such as Higher Education Academy, British Computing Society

Featured Solutions

SemaDB Community

Multi-index hybrid vector search engine completely open source.

SemaDB Cloud Beta

Get started with our low-cost hosted vector database with an easy-to-use API.

Semantic Search

Don't just rely on keywords to search, interact with your knowledge naturally by asking questions. Use SemaDB to find answers by their meaning, like humans do. Start building your AI solution now.

Semantic Explore

Dive into the unknown unknowns of your knowledge base by exploring knowledge closely related in meaning. Automatically discover clusters and relevant information and visualise them as nodes in a graph.

Your knowledge can be linked together using their semantic similarity as recognised by a neural network. Semafind brings to light previously unseen connections in your knowledge base in an easy-to-use natural way.

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