Organise and discover your private knowledge

State-of-the-art natural language understanding applied to your private team knowledge to make it accessible.


Store your information in a neat and elegant way with attachments and full markdown support.


Invite your colleagues to collaborate on your knowledge base and share information.

Semantic Search

Don't rely on keywords, let your team find the answers they are looking for with semantic search.


Not sure what to search? With Semafind, you can explore your private knowledge by finding semantically similar items.

Your Knowledge Platform

Collaborate with your team to store your knowledge in bitesize chunks that are easy to read and share. Semafind knowledge bases are intended to be short factual sentences (knotes) and are indexed using natural language models. Each piece knowledge can be extended with further descriptions and attachments.

Semantic Search

Don't just rely on keywords to search, interact with your knowledge naturally by asking questions. Semafind tries to find answers by their meaning, like humans do. Let Semafind be your work companion.

Semantic Explore

Dive into the unknown unknowns of your knowledge base by exploring knowledge closely related in meaning. Automatically discover clusters and relevant information and visualise them as nodes in a graph.

Sentences are linked together using their semantic similarity as recognised by our natural language model. Semafind brings to light previously unseen connections in your knowledge base in an easy-to-use natural way.

Get started for free

Start with a free account to store and search your own personal knowledge now. We also offer two paid subscriptions for companies and teams that require collaboration and more capacity.