For Researchers

What you know

Write down key facts about your research team's output and store them in a modern, elegant knowledge platform. Share with your colleagues so they are up-to-date with what's happening.

What you don't know

Tap into your team's knowledge by asking questions and exploring. Don't spend time scanning through past email chains and long reports at the moment you need something the most.

Your knowledge, elevated

Store all your vital information ranging from who is leading the research to where the funding is coming from in short, easy-to-read knotes. Have a single hassle-free place to write, share and access details about your project syncronised across your team.

Your questions, answered

Ask a question to Semafind as you would a colleague. Semafind leverages state-of-the-art natural language understanding to find meaningful answers to your questions.

Connect the dots

Bridge the gap between known unknowns and unknown unknowns with Semafind's semantic explore feature. This feature links together relevant information such as the research lead and public communications manager. Preparing for an upcoming meeting? Just joined the research group? Start exploring what your colleagues have written to get up to speed with ease.

Can you store experiment results in Semafind?

Semafind is designed around knowledge that we would store and share as opposed to raw data. You can, for example, knote that "The latest experiment results was ..." However, we believe using the right tool for the right job is important and there are many purpose built experiment tracking software out there that Semafind would complement as opposed to being an all-in-one solution.