For Marketing Teams

Pool your knowledge

A marketing campaign involves a wealth of information from designs and sales to client information. Don't scatter critical facts across documents and emails, let Semafind organise them for you.

Ask natural questions

There are many ways to say the same thing. Go beyond basic keyword based search and leverage the semantic search capability of Semafind to find answers to your important questions.

Your knowledge repository

Consider a retail company launching a summer campaign. Sales, favourite products, retail goal, campaign objectives and more are written as easy-to-read, brief knotes in Semafind.

Don't memorise, just ask

Don't worry about memorising details such as the company sales dashboard link, just ask Semafind as you would a colleague. Semafind leverages state-of-the-art natural language understanding to find meaningful answers to your questions.

Connect the dots

As your company grows so will the amount of knowledge it generates. That repository of information will require an elegant way to manage but more importantly a way to explore it. With Semafind, you can pick a knote of interest and start exploring with Semafind's semantic explore feature. This feature links together relevant information such as the weekly sales summary to the bi-weekly product cycle. Preparing for an upcoming meeting? Just start exploring with Semafind to find key information.

Does Semafind integrate with external tools such as Tableau?

Semafind is designed around knowledge that we would store and share as opposed to processing external data sources. By writing the key facts that are most important to you, Semafind helps you organise and access them with ease rather than attempting to search through raw data, long list of documents, email chains or document dumps.