For Lawyers

Establish key facts

Never lose access to key information about a case when you need it the most. The days of skimming through email chains are over with Semafind, an intelligent knowledge platform.

Find answers together

People use different words and phrases to describe the same thing, especially in a legal setting. Go beyond basic keyword based search and leverage the semantic search capability of Semafind.

Summarise your case details

Consider a residential property team looking to complete a purchase. Write down easy-to-read, brief knotes summarising the key points of a case. Store not only case details but also firm wide information for reference.

Ask questions, find answers

Everyone has a different way of expressing what's in their mind. Semafind leverages state-of-the-art natural language understanding to find meaningful answers to your questions.

Get relevant information

As a knowledge base grows, it is crucial to have an elegant way of unlocking its full potential. Within a legal case, there could be a lot of relevant details stored. With Semafind, you can pick a knote of interest and start exploring with Semafind's semantic explore feature. This feature links together relevant information such as the air rights for the property and its address to help you uncover further information. Preparing for an upcoming meeting? Use Semafind to navigate key facts of your knowledge base with ease and save time.

Can Semafind automatically process collections and large documents?

Semafind is designed around knowledge that we would store and share as opposed to processing a large collection of documents. By writing the key facts that are most important to you, Semafind helps you organise and access them with ease rather than returning potentially matching but long list of documents and snippets from email chains and document dumps.

Can Semafind answer questions from legal documents?

Semafind works best on knowledge bases built by you and your team about the information you care. Legal documents are often verbose with a lot of technical jargon. We believe that short, factual knotes written by you offer more value than a system capable of scanning long and potentially irrelevant documents. Only you can ascertain what is important and that's why Semafind is designed around you and your knowledge.