For Engineers

Wealth of knowledge

A construction firm can generate a vast amount of knowledge across its many departments and projects. How do we store this information? More importantly, how do we make it more accessible?

Power of knowledge

A critical meeting about an engineering project needs access to information. Don't spend time scanning through past email chains at the moment you need something the most.

Store your information

Each construction project has many key pieces of information that are often scattered across internal documents, project proposals and meeting notes. Curate your most important company and project knowledge in Semafind with ease.

Find answers

At the moment you need a criticial piece of information, don't scroll through past emails or internal document archives. Let Semafind do the heavy lifting for you using its semantic index of your knowledge to find the answers you are looking for.

Find links and explore further

Looking to put together a report for an upcoming meeting and need to go through past emails, attachments and internal documents? Let Semafind find connections in your project knowledge base to guide you through the most relevant information. Choose a starting knote and see the connections to other knotes appear.

What about project management, schedules etc?

Although, you can note project timeline information in Semafind such as deadlines, schedules, Semafind is first and foremost a knowledge platform to store, share and explore information. We believe using the right tool for the right job is important and there are many purpose built project and schedule management software out there that Semafind would complement as opposed to being an all-in-one solution.

Can we use Semafind for store any information?

Yes! It can be as broad or as focused as your team or company requires. The idea of what constitutes information is flexible and Semafind is ready to adapt to your needs. You can look at other sectors for more inspiration.