For Developers

Tired of long wikis?

Development teams often write long documentation wikis for future reference. These over time become tedious to maintain and stale. Why not just store the key information you need in Semafind?

Don't repeat yourself

Found something important after debugging for long hours? Take a knote of it in Semafind and easily share it with your colleagues who might need it later. Find answers with ease.

Too Long Didn't Read

We completely agree. Semafind is designed around short factual pieces of information that we store and share. You can optionally add further details and attachments to a knote.

Find meaningful answers

Everyone has a different way of expressing what's in their mind. Don't rely on fuzzy keyword search to find what you are looking for. Semafind leverages state-of-the-art natural language understanding to find meaningful answers to your questions.

All your project and team knowledge in one place

Create multiple knowledge bases to easily share information across the entire company. Furthermore, let others learn more about your team to bolster cross-team collaboration.

Want to restrict access to a certain knowledge base? Use private knowledge bases to invite invidual members separately within a workspace. Only available at the Team Pro level, see pricing.

Explore, navigate, discover

Not sure what your colleagues might have knoted? Pick a knote of interest and start exploring with Semafind's semantic explore feature. By linking sentences similar in meaning together, Semafind allows you to uncover related knotes that your team has stored. On the left, we see that the stand up meetings which happen every Monday is linked to the agile sprint which occurs every week. Store, search or explore your way through your team's knowledge with Semafind.