Firebase vector search made easy

One click install to start building AI enabled applications in Firebase with an easy-to-use, fully-hosted vector search solution.

Cloud Sync

Sync your document vectors to SemaDB automatically. The extension never sends your document data, only the vector and stores the Firestore document ID.

Integrates into Firebase

The Firebase extension provides full visibility on how your application interacts with SemaDB. Monitor usage, view logs and more.

Low cost

For 1536 dimensional vectors, SemaDB Cloud offers one of the lowest cost options for getting started with vector similarity search.

With a generous free tier that doesn't expire, you can go live at no cost.

On-Site Hosting

You can integrate SemaDB into your search stack with various installation options by hosting it yourself.


We can help you build and deliver an AI solution around vector search using our products. Contact us

Where is SemaDB Cloud hosted?

We are based in the United Kingdom and our servers for SemaDB Cloud are located in London. In the future we may offer multiple regions to choose from.